Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 40
Max. depth: 40 (M)
Trip Time: 4H :30M

Type of vessel - Steam Ship

How sunk – Mined

Former names – None

Wreck height - Mixed - Covers and uncovers with sand.

Max Depth - 42m
Tonnage - 3120
Length - 325
Date sunk - 19 Oct 1917

The ‘Hazelwood’ was unaware of a minefield laid by UC-62 between Anvil point and the Needles. Travelling from the Tyne for Nantes with a cargo of coal and 32 crew. An SOS was heard by the vessel ‘Estonian’, but was unable to stop to rescue the crew for fear of being attacked. All hands were lost.

The wreck thought to possibly be the 3102 ton ‘Hazelwood’ lies upright. The wreck was originally thought to be that of the South Western covers and uncovers with sand.

Hazelwood information